House in Castro

Paroikia Paros, Greece

About the house...

For rent on Paros island:  a typical island house located above the harbor road of Paroikia , the island’s main town, in the “Castro”, the ancient and Venetian center of the town.  All of the beauties of the island are within walking distance or easy reach – the old town, the seacoast and hills, the beaches, restaurants and cafés and the island’s ancient, Byzantine and Venetian treasures. The bus stop is just a few minutes away. You can also rent a car or motorbike at reasonable prices. The 70 m2 first floor house accommodates up to five persons and is fully furnished. In addition to the living room and fully equipped kitchen, it has two bedrooms, 2 WCs , a shower, air-conditioning, a washing machine, satellite TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi, etc. From the flat, veranda-like roof of the house, you can enjoy a sweeping view of the harbor, the old city and the bay of Paroikia and watch Paros’ stunning sunsets.

Within a few minutes’ walk of the house are:

–  The port of Paros, where all ships dock. You can easily walk to the house with your luggage (no need for a taxi). Paros port has frequent and comprehensive ferry connections not only with Piraeus (the port of Athens) but with other Aegean islands, so you can take jaunts to Athens and numerous islands using your Paros house as your base.

–  The bus terminal. Buses leave frequently and punctually for all parts of the island and are very inexpensive, so you can easily visit all of Paros’s villages, beaches and sights or get off the bus and hike into the hills.

–  The 15th century Venetian fortification, just 50 meters from the house.

–  Paroikia’s main market street, which is just a few steps away. Here you can shop for souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, bags, etc. or enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants serving Greek and international cuisine. The main street is lined with traditional Cycladic houses and branches off into charming, secluded side streets that invite exploration.

– A  series of lovely beaches around Paros harbor. You can either have a small boat ferry you across the bay, or if you like to hike, you can walk around the harbor on foot.

 –  The seaside road of Paroikia, just below the house. It is lined with caf?s and restaurants serving a variety of foods and local delicacies. In the afternoon, this is an ideal spot to enjoy a coffee and a Greek sweet; evenings you can watch the sun sink into the sea over a glass of ouzo, wine or beer.

–  The Orthodox church of the Panaghia “Ekatontapyliani”. Modelled on St. Sophia in Istanbul, this church, Paros’ greatest treasure, is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the world, founded in the 4th century AD by St. Helen.

–  The archaeological museum of Paros  , just a few meters from the church. Its displays include remarkable archaeological finds from the Cycladic period (3200 BC) and Classical Greece.

A short bus ride will also take you to:

– The seaport of Naoussa, which is unusually picturesque. Naoussa is 11 kilometers from your house in Paroikia but is easy to get to by bus every 15 minutes. Its tiny port boasts a Venetian fortification and a chapel to St. Nikolas, patron saint of sailors. It is crammed with brightly colored fishing boats and surrounded by cafés and restaurants. Naoussa is also well known for its night life (bars and clubs) and for good shopping.

 – More remote beaches such as Kolymbithres (across the bay from Naoussa) renowned for its unusual natural beauty, Farangas on the south side of the island (14 kilometers), Santa Maria to the north (14 kilometers), Golden Beach to the southeast (15 kilometers) and Piso Aliki to the east (13 kilometers).

 – The airport is 12 kilometers from the main town and the house


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